March 25, 2018 Tech Team Meeting

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The Tech Team and Web Team will jointly meet on Sunday, March 25, 2018, from 1-3 PM, to discuss look and feel elements, such as font and color scheme, for Website 3.0.

Persons present

Michael Smith (Tech Officer), Stephenie Fredrick, Marty Griffy, Aaron Levine, Brooke Hazard.


  • Design elements for Website 3.0

Page Examples

We will consider the following sites, suggested by Brooke Hazard:


Stephanie Fredrick also suggests we consider:

  1. -

Look and feel decisions

  • Get a photo of Tilikum Crossing for first row "banner" image
  • Reformat menu: scratch news, add subcategories to events: community action; Fairs and Parades; Celebrations; Meetings; Announcements. (Note: press releases to go on main page below immediate asks)
  • Lora for headers, Verdana for all else, subject to further research by Brooke.
  • Coloration to depend on logo - which we will try to keep narrow

Front page design

(See above)

  • Also: consider icons for triangle asks (nlp/money/platform)

Next Steps

  • Mike will design a form for the volunteer ask
  • Aaron will find icons for donate, platform, nlp/gotv
  • Brooke will write/edit copy for donate, platform, nlp/gotv
  • Brooke will ask web designer (Justin) for advice on fonts
  • Mike and Marty will mess with image of Tilikum Crossing for volunteer ask row
    • Marty and Mike will figure out what images are available for us to use that are royalty free or public domain
  • Brooke will work with Justin to finish logo
  • Mike and Aaron will develop possible background images for the site
  • Stephenie will send Mike volunteer intake forms

Next Meeting

The Web Meeting will meet again on Sunday, April 8th from 1-3 PM.