March 10, 2018 Credentials Tech Meeting

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The Credentials Tech team met on March 10, 2018 from 1-2 PM at MCDHQ.

Persons Present

Michael Smith (TO), Leslie Davis (VC2), Cynthia Yolland (DL-HD44), Daniel Karnes, Courtney Shannon, George Yolland


  • Review of testimonials by District Leaders
  • (If we have time) Division of tasks between Google Sheets and VAN

Testimonial Notes

The team reviewed testimonials by Dan Kaufman (HD41), Carolanne Fry (HD42), Cynthia Yolland (HD44), Janet Tackmann (HD49), and a special message from Lurelle Robbins.


  • is a Google Sheets POWER USER. Even uses them on his phone!
  • Updates Google sheets, presumes that we're updating information as well. (We're not - no defined procedure)
  • Uses columns he's not supposed to use
    • Training issue? Programmatic enforcement?
  • Uses sheets primarily as a way to communicate with ADLs!
  • Is able to share at-will, has been responsible with this.
  • Uses them for tracking on campaigns. (Do we want this information to come back? Probably....)


  • Uses them almost every day
  • Wants more information on interests of PCPS
    • This could get bogged down in columns quickly
    • Possibly need another solution (airtable, VAN) to tackle this
  • Pretty good about indicating changes, but inconsistent about HOW they indicate changes. Sometimes this is via email (not optimal). Is underestimating how well they indicate changes. Speaks to a lack of awareness of formal procedure. Chances are a quick email would resolve that.


  • Copies data into another sheet. (Google Sheet)
  • Copies for two reasons:
    • Concerned about keeping data integrity for both MCP and District
    • Needs more information, including NLP, that is not coming from MCD. Feels that this information is better stored in their own sheet, in order to avoid MCD overwriting and erasing.
  • Frustrated with columns in outer space. (Lock columns?)
  • Uses their own sheets to share data with PCs and ADLs


  • Does use Google Sheets, does not use OUR Google Sheets, yet.
  • "I do not have GS's pertinent to me." (She does. Training/communication issue, probably.)


  • Please talk to DPO about how they use VAN.

Next Steps

  • Courtney will get us info about AirTable (Google Group)
    • Website, pricing, how to videos, etc.
  • All of us will research Google Sheets skills and share via Google Group:
    • Locking columns/rows
    • Versioning
    • Google Application Script
      • Does this support scheduling? (Can we set up daily turnover?)
  • All of us will research: Ditto all of the above for Google Data Studio and share via Google Group
  • Mike will clean up this Wiki.
  • Mike will share testimonial emails via Google Group. Done
  • Mike and George will talk to DPO about how they use VAN.
  • Mike will talk to John Knight about VAN and NLP.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be March 31, 2018 from 1-3 PM at MCDHQ.